We are proud to say Made in the USA!
Candles, Oil Lamps, Gifts, & Decorative Accessory
Fire and Appalachian rock, two natural elements, are combined to create the perfect FireRock™ ... a candlelight decorative accessory for living areas, patios, baths and more.

This distinctive oil lamp is handcrafted from natural rock, which varies in geologic shape and color from russet hues to greens depending on the mineral content.
FireRock Oil Candles make great gifts! FireRocks™ make great gifts as they are a unique and unusual gift that will be truly appreciated.

Every FireRock™ Oil Candle is gift boxed and includes a 4 oz. bottle of "Tropical Lights™ Candle & Lamp Oil", a funnel cap, and a permanent wick.

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Enjoy a smoke-free, drip-free glow of tranquility.

Mother Nature created the rock our FireRock™ Candles are crafted from, as such, each FireRock™ is an individual piece of art and no two are exactly alike. We are proud to say Made in the USA!
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